Stop the Spread

A message from our General Manager, Matt Stanley

We continue to navigate our new reality operating a grocery store during a pandemic. We’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response to all the measures we put in place. Thank you so much for adhering to them!

These times certainly call for cooperation as our health depends on everyone else. As a grocery shopper you can play your part by not coming in many times throughout the week. Try to do shopping trips that will get you through a nice chunk of days. We also ask that you don’t shop in groups. This isn’t the time to bring in your whole family to shop. Send someone here, keep everyone else at home and that’s going to slow the virus down.

In the store, we’ve put green stickers on the ground. These are going to help everybody maintain the six feet. “Six feet of distance determines our existence” is a slogan I’m saying. All our staff members are wearing buttons that say, “I’m happy to help from six feet away”. Please do your part by maintaining that six foot distance and having the patience to wait to go to the next section if somebody is already there.

Some other precautions we’re taking include limiting the number of shoppers in the store, asking that you sanitize hands upon entry, only touching items you wish to buy and no reusable containers or bags of any kind (including cash and returned items). We’ve temporarily reduced hours to 9am–7pm to allow for more time to restock and sanitize.

Thank you so much. Together we can stop the spread!

Co-op General Manager Matt Stanley can be reached at or by calling the store, (503) 325-0027.

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