Board of Directors

Board Member Election Results

We launched secure electronic voting at our November 7th virtual Annual Meeting. Three uncontested seats were up for election.  376 member households voted in this year’s election, exceeding the 100 needed for quorum per the co-op’s bylaws. Congratulations to Norma Hernandez, Suzy Olsen, and Erin Kester! Thank you for dedicating your time and experience to your local food cooperative. Thank you to all co-op members who completed an electronic ballot.

Meet the co-op board. We’re community-owned and these owner-elected representative oversee our grocery store. Interested in joining the board? Click here to find out how.

Andrea Larson Perez

The Astoria Co+op is an important part of my life! It’s where I spend the majority of my food and wellness dollars, where I connect with the local food economy and enjoy meeting friends and newcomers in our community. I strive to offer some benefit to the organization that means so much to me. Being a member of the Board is truly an honor and privilege I value.

As far as my background goes, my career was spent in public relations, marketing and sales primarily in the publishing industry. Locally, I offered consulting services to local businesses in the healthcare and fishing industries, among others. After writing for others for years, I decided to move into that arena for myself. I have authored two local history books with Arcadia Publishing: Camp Rilea and Astoria in Vintage Postcards. Other than the long list of writing projects I will be working on over the next twenty years, I devote my time to my family, travel and other artistic endeavors.

It’s worth noting I worked part-time at the co-op for nearly 3 years. I enjoyed every single minute of that experience! It was a logical progression for me to seek membership on the co-op Board to contribute in a new way. I am so happy my interest has been supported by co-op owners.

I am a native Floridian. I moved to Sacramento, California after high school and made my forever move to the Lower Columbia in 1994 first residing in Ilwaco, WA and Astoria in 1998. My husband and our two sons enjoy calling Astoria home.


Norma Hernandez

I was born and raised in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico and prior to moving to Astoria in 2003, I lived in the northeast for 20 years, both in New York and Boston. I moved to Astoria to work at an oyster company in Bay Center, WA. where I became aware of the needs and challenges of the Latino community in the region. My passion for social justice kept increasing after working as executive director of Lower Columbia Hispanic Council and then working for the Clatsop County Public Health, currently as a WIC coordinator.  I also serve on the board of North Coast Food Web, and Astoria Parks.  You can listen to me on  Sonidos Latinos on KMUN 91.9 FM, monthly.


Erin Kester


Erin Kester

I grew up in a small community in Central Wisconsin, but have called the Pacific Northwest home for over 20 years.  I work for a renewable energy company where I engage in regulatory and policy issues to ensure the continued development of renewable energy resources in the Western U.S. Joining the Co-op Board fulfills my desire to contribute meaningfully to the North Coast community and work with a local business that has shared values and makes a big impact.  It’s been exciting to watch the Co-op transition into the beautiful new store – increasing opportunities for local growers and suppliers, as well as expanding job opportunities for the local economy.

My partner Ryan and I spend a lot of time restoring our 1917 historic craftsman home with the hope that it will be enjoyed by many for another 100 years. When we are not working on house projects we like to get outside as much as possible camping, hiking, traveling and spending time with friends and family.



Suzy Olsen

Since opening Chariot in 2016, I’ve been engaged with the local and tourist communities. I’ve organized and created several local events at Chariot and other local businesses. I feel I bring a valuable perspective of how to best serve our community and visitors. My experience gives me a depth of understanding of business on the North Coast and the ability to anticipate future trends and growth.

For nearly two decades, I’ve been working as an interior designer/architect. Through this experience I bring strong design, planning, and team collaboration skills. My board and volunteer experience includes three years as secretary of Portland’s International Interior Design Association, volunteer work with the Gilbert House Children’s Museum in Salem, and the Astoria Downtown Historic District Association.

I joined the Co-op Board because I feel my values are aligned with this collective and because through working with the board I can make a positive difference in the community. The Co-op was an important factor in choosing to relocate to Astoria as my permanent residence in 2016. I am excited to play a part in shaping the future of the co-op.


Megan Ott

My background and education in social ecology have provided me with a strong understanding regarding the need for local involvement in local economy. The Astoria Co-op is an excellent example of how this is done well; owned by the community, with products supplied locally, bought locally, and often served locally. As a staff and community member, I feel particularly invested in this process and am proud to be part of such a strong positive force for our community. It was with all of this in mind that I joined the Board of Directors, where I can be involved in decision-making, and advocate for the staff if needed.

I’m originally from Austin, Texas (music capital of the world!) and moved to Oregon around 12 years ago. In Eugene, I attended college late in life, which I feel was the best fit for me. I did a lot of traveling before that and lived a bit of a vagabond existence. Astoria has since welcomed me with open arms, and has allowed me to flourish in my work, my art, and my life. This is due in large part to the Astoria Cooperative, and I look forward to learning and growing with the Co-op for a long time to come.


Venus Fromwiller

My family has lived in Astoria since 2006.  We love living on the Best Coast, especially here on the North Coast and feel very fortunate to call this place home. My education, career and hobbies have always been wellness-focused. I believe good food, good nutrition and good people play a key role in wellness and disease prevention. The co-op includes all of these things and plays a vital role in the health of individuals and our community and also in the health of our local economy and environment.  I have enjoyed seeing the co-op grow and welcome new members. My hope is that the co-op is the place where people can get all their grocery needs met, in a welcoming environment, knowing they are receiving quality food at a competitive price while supporting their community.


Ryan Newstrum

A native of Seattle, I spent nearly 23 years working for REI, America’s largest consumer cooperative. From my beginnings working a graveyard shift stock position to eventually planning the company’s revenue, traffic, and membership budgets, I have an intimate understanding of many of the challenges a co-op faces. My long tenure allowed me to see how we all benefit when integrity and nurtured humanity is a business priority, and the consequences to culture, morale, and community when it isn’t. 

I strongly believe in the co-op’s commitment to a thriving local economy and am heartened to have firsthand experience in seeing that their service and donations are given in earnest. Serving on the co-op’s board of directors allows me to use my prior experience to contribute to the co-op’s health, as well as gain a more intimate understanding of the community’s varied perspectives and priorities.

I’m so happy to have relocated to Astoria with my family in mid 2019. This PNW gem has everything I need and nothing I don’t. I look forward to connecting with you all in the arts, outdoors, and produce aisles!