Join thousands of your friends and neighbors in owning Astoria Co+op. Although you don’t have to be an owner to shop, we think the benefits of ownership are pretty great. Help grow our co-op, keep more money in our community and invest in a business that will always be locally-owned. Join us!

Why own the co-op?
• Get $20 off when you join. Welcome aboard!
• Owners receive an extra 10% off on our already discounted Co+op Deals.
• Pre-order case quantities and get 10% off.
• Receive regular communications including email updates, and annual meeting invite. Sign up for the e-newsletter here.
• You can vote for board members to represent you or run for the board yourself.

How it works:
• Complete an application and give it to a cashier.
• Purchase one share of owner stock for $200. This is your equity in the business. Pay just once or in annual $25 installments.
• Receive a new owner packet containing your owner card and bonus coupons.
• We’ll be in touch about upcoming co-op events, elections, and other news.

Community benefits:
• Create a vibrant local economy that puts people before profits and keeps more of your dollar circulating within the community.
• Expand the marketplace for locally-grown and locally-produced products.
• Support good jobs. The co-op pays a livable wage and medical/dental benefits.
• Increase the community’s access to healthy food and good nutrition.
• A bigger co-op will create an even greater positive community impact. We seek to expand and your ownership equity is more important than ever to help grow the store.

Click here for an application, or pick up a written application at the store.