Grocery Pickup

Astoria Co+op is offering grocery pickup service to help keep our most vulnerable community-members safe.

If you’re of good health and not in a high-risk group for coronavirus, please visit our store, as we have limited capacity to implement curbside pickup. We are taking many precautions to keep the store safe and are open 9am to 7pm daily.

If you feel you are in a high-risk group including seniors and those with compromised immune systems and need grocery pickup service, we’re glad to help do your shopping. Click here for more information.

9 thoughts on “Grocery Pickup”

  1. So very proud of the co op staff and the creative and inspirational responses to the current virus crisis. They also have been open to suggestions, kind and upbeat and have taken time to be helpful even under duress. Thank you co op and all the hard working, dedicated staff. I truly love the co op, always have, always will.

  2. Thank you for providing this service. We want to support our local businesses while still self-isolating. Together we can help end this pandemic.

  3. What a great way to help us seniors.
    We are both over 80, I am diabetic.
    Limiting the list to 30 items instead of a required $ minimum is also a very generous thing to do.
    So glad to have you in the neighborhood
    Tom and Gretel

  4. This has been so helpful. The Coop has been the most responsive and care-full store in town. Thank you for all that you are doing. Local is best!

  5. Thanks so very much for this service! I had a heart attack a little over a week ago and this was such a wonderful experience to still be able to get my healthy Co-op produce. I felt a bit like the kid with her nose pressed to the candy store window, because I love shopping at the Co-op. The produce that was picked out for me was really nice, plump and fresh. Thanks so much for the TLC! Everyone involved was so kind. This is a real gift!


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