Change for Community

Through our Change for Community program, we’ve raised $203,180.41 in cash donations for local nonprofits.

Selling groceries might keep our store in business, but giving back to our community is at the heart of what we do. Change for Community reaps big rewards for the community. You can help by rounding up your purchase total or donating pocket change. Together, we can be the positive change for community!

Current Recipient:

Our June Change for Community recipient is Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition! This local nonprofit’s mission is to engage, educate and empower people to protect and increase the resilience of the coast’s ecosystems, landscapes and communities. Their Community Scientist Fund supports training students and adults to collect information about plants, animals, tides and marine debris on Oregon’s north coast beaches and estuaries and sharing this information with scientists who study it.
Let’s raise funds for this awesome organization! Round up your purchase total or share your pocket change.


How to Apply:

Any local nonprofit that serves our region is eligible to be a Change for Community recipient. A staff committee reviews applications and selects recipients. There are lots of great organizations and we aren’t able to select everyone who applies. We’ll be in touch if your organization is selected. Organizations will be considered for a 12-month period, after which if they have not been chosen, they will be removed from the applicant list and encouraged to re-apply. Repeat organizations must wait 18 months before becoming a recipient again.

Online Change for Community Application

Past Change for Community Recipients:

Copeland Commons, $2,679.70

North Coast Food Web, $2,314.06

Wildlife Center of the North Coast, $2,610.39

Nourish Those in Need, $2,071.11

North Coast Land Conservancy, $1,984.27

North Coast Chorale, $1,933.24

CMH Foundation on behalf of Lower Columbia Hospice, $2,638.91

First Steps Center for Autism + Developmental Disabilities, $2,549.22

Astoria Visual Arts, $2,468.29

North Coast Watershed Association, $3,092.28

Healing Circle, $3,458.31

Clatsop Care Foundation, $2,754.94

El Centro NW, $2,943.16

Astoria Parks, Recreation, and Community Foundation, $2,787.51

Art Room Astoria, $2,988.57

Oregon Black Pioneers, $2,956.05

Peninsula Poverty Response, $3,070.02

Lighthouse for Kids, $3,190.69

Astoria Branch of American Association of University Women, $2,988.92

Oregon Agricultural Trust, $3,155.72

South Pacific Humane Society, $3,753.39

Consejo Hispano, $3,351.71

Clatsop County CASA, $4,026.49

Camp Kiwanilong Board, Inc., $3,886.65

Necanicum Watershed Council, $3,479.76

Clatsop Community College Foundation, $3,137.47

Friends of the Unsheltered $3,927.35

Oregon Black Pioneers $4,380.91

North Coast Food Web $3,750.49

Astoria Hope House $4,017.26

Netel Grange $3,362.93

The Harbor $4,436.44

Columbia Senior Diners $4,393.68

River Song Foundation $5,372.59

Oregon Black Pioneers $5,148.86

Lower Columbia Q Center $5,108.32

Assistance League of the Columbia Pacific $3,983.14

Wildlife Center of the North Coast $4,287.10

North Coast Watershed Association $3,545.43

Astoria Scandinavian Heritage Association – Nordic Park $3,179.19

North Coast Land Conservancy – Rainforest Reserve $3,885.28

The Lighthouse for Kids $4,170.12

Astoria Warming Center $4,167.18

Beacon Clubhouse $3,633.35

United Way of Clatsop County $3,562.68

Clatsop Animal Assistance $4,732.95

Lower Columbia Hispanic Council $3964.04

The Harbor $3476.53

Astoria Parks, Recreation & Community Foundation $2239.40

Columbia Memorial Hospital Foundation $2030.94

Astoria Senior Assistance Program $3427.73

Clatsop County Historical Society $2344.23

Northwest Coast Trails Coalition  $2597.85

 Astoria Warming Center $2,048.48

North Coast Food Web’s Project Fruit Box $1,437.49

CCA Regional Food Bank $1,949.22

North Coast Swim Club $1161.30

MOMS Club of Astoria $1538.41

Lower Columbia Hispanic Council $1,465.46

Astoria Parks Foundation $1382

Camp Kiwanilong $1370

Wildlife Center of the North Coast $2000

Clatsop Animal Assistance $1618.61

Helping Hands $1068.53

The Harbor $1414.91

Clatsop Community Action Food Bank $673.16

Little Ballet Theatre  $616.41

Lunch Buddy Mentoring Program $877.63

Clatsop CASA $654.06

North Coast Food Web’s Fruit Box Project  $1323.59

The Healing Circle’s VOCA (Victory Over Child Abuse) Camps $1210.44

Clatsop Community Action Regional Food Bank $1097.84

Astoria Parks Foundation $906.86


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