Change for Community

Through our Change for Community program, we’ve raised $48,597.23 in cash donations for local non-profits.

Selling groceries might keep our store in business, but giving back to our community is at the heart of what we do. Change for Community reaps big rewards for the community and planet. There are three ways for you to help: round up your purchase total, bring a bag and donate your bean (reusable bag credit/token worth 5¢), or share your pocket change. Each quarter, three organizations are recipients of the reusable bag credits and each month one of those organizations gets a turn at being a round-up recipient. With your help, we can be the positive change for community! Please note, due to the pandemic, we’ve temporarily suspended the bean portion of Change for Community, but we’re still rounding up and accepting cash donations!

In September, we’re rounding up for United Way of Clatsop County. This non-profit fights for the health, safety, education and financial stability of everyone in our community by forging partnerships, finding new solutions to old problems, mobilizing resources and inspiring individuals to join the fight against our community’s most daunting social issues. Let’s raise funds for this awesome organization! Round up your purchase total or share your pocket change.

Apply for your organization to become a Change for Community recipient here.

Past Change for Community Recipients:

Clatsop Animal Assistance $4,732.95

Lower Columbia Hispanic Council $3964.04

The Harbor $3476.53

Astoria Parks, Recreation & Community Foundation $2239.40

Columbia Memorial Hospital Foundation $2030.94

Astoria Senior Assistance Program $3427.73

Clatsop County Historical Society $2344.23

Northwest Coast Trails Coalition  $2597.85

 Astoria Warming Center $2,048.48

North Coast Food Web’s Project Fruit Box $1,437.49

CCA Regional Food Bank $1,949.22

North Coast Swim Club $1161.30

MOMS Club of Astoria $1538.41

Lower Columbia Hispanic Council $1,465.46

Astoria Parks Foundation $1382

Camp Kiwanilong $1370

Wildlife Center of the North Coast $2000

Clatsop Animal Assistance $1618.61

Helping Hands $1068.53

The Harbor $1414.91

Clatsop Community Action Food Bank $673.16

Little Ballet Theatre  $616.41

Lunch Buddy Mentoring Program $877.63

Clatsop CASA $654.06

North Coast Food Web’s Fruit Box Project  $1323.59

The Healing Circle’s VOCA (Victory Over Child Abuse) Camps $1210.44

Clatsop Community Action Regional Food Bank $1097.84

Astoria Parks Foundation $906.86


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