Wine & Beer

The Astoria Co+op Beer & Wine Department has been built from a few dedicated lead buyers, along with other contributing knowledgeable and experienced staff.  

The Wine section has always focused on keeping consistent quality while ensuring the majority of the wines on offer are organic, sustainably grown, women-led, biodynamic, LIVE-certified or based in programs such as Equal Exchange. Additionally, the co-op carries solution based brands which utilize refillable bottles as another option for better environmental options.  

Domestic wines here at the co-op showcase a strong representation of Oregon’s Pinot Noirs, along with an interesting offering of other Washington and Californian wines. The imported wines lean on solid traditions primarily from France, Italy and Spain. We seek out what is unique, without compromise! 

The co-op’s Beer section is proud to work directly with Astoria and other locally based breweries to bring you fresh craft brews, which include seasonal beers and classic favorites. The co-op also carries other special interests year-round such as wild fermented beers, gluten-free beers, local ciders, mead and sake, non-alcoholic beers and wines.  


-Melanie Steffl  

Current Beer & Wine Buyer, Astoria Co+op