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Update: It is with heavy hearts, we share the news that Guy passed away. We’re glad he had the opportunity to hear from so many of you and to know his final medical costs won’t burden his family. Thank you for all the expressions of love you have sent his way. They meant the world to Guy as community was everything to him.

Our beloved cashier Guy Rabe has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. We are raising funds to help his family with medical bills and other expenses. Our general manager, Matt Stanley has set up a fundraiser via Go Fund Me. We know this is a tough time for everyone, but if you’re able to spare anything, we know Guy and his family could use the help and we’re grateful for any contribution. Here’s the link to the Go Fund Me account.

Guy has worked as a cashier at the co-op the last two and half years. Over that time we’ve seen him demonstrate a true love for people and our community. He prided himself on building relationships with shoppers.

Many folks may not know that Guy spent 20 years working with the chronically homeless of Portland. Helping them connect to resources, giving moral support, and so much more.

Guy moved to Astoria in 2017 and bought a home with plans of living out his life here on the coast. He recently sustained an injury and was diagnosed with a terminal illness that will not allow him to work anymore.

Guy is a very private person, but cared very much for our community and regulars he interacted with, so if you have a message for him, please reply to this email and we will share it with him. We’re all very sad about this news and miss seeing Guy at work. We want him and his family to be as comfortable as possible right now. Thanks so much for you love and support!

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  1. Hello Guy, Sorry to hear about your situation. I read that you take pride in building relationships with your customers. I can tell you that our favorite part of shopping at the co-op was seeing you. You clearly have a huge heart. Your kindness for all is truly appreciated. We are sending our good energy. Best wishes. Message from Jeff and Joan Christensen. From Ilwaco. I’m the cashier at the Kart track in Long Beach.

  2. Can you please send this to guy for me?

    Hi long lost friend,
    Annie Jesperson here. I think it’s been more than a million years since we were both at JOIN. I’ve been an organic vegetable farmer on Whidbey Island for the last 10. I’ve often wondered what you’re up to and how you are. I’d really love to call you if talking to me would be of any interest at all. I understand completely if not. Either way, I love knowing that you’ve been in Astoria working at the coop for a while. One of my favorite towns on earth and it somehow seems perfect for you. I’m sending as much love as this comment box can hold and hope you are as well as you can be right now.

  3. I’m so so sad to hear this. I always tried to get in your line at the store…talking with you was a moment of real connection with the soul of another .
    Wishing for you the best of life’s mysteries and miracles.
    G. H. Hendrix


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