Masks Advised

Public health officials are recommending that people once again mask up. We added new signs around the store informing shoppers of Oregon Health Authorities’ latest advisement. In response to an increase in Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations, OHA is recommending universal masking for public indoor settings. This includes fully vaccinated individuals.

The state mask mandate ended June 30. Since then, the co-op has encouraged mask-wearing, but left it up to shoppers and staff to decided whether to wear masks in the store.  We’ve definitely seen an uptick in mask wearing, since the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and OHA’s new recommendations came out this week.

1 thought on “Masks Advised”

  1. Matt – I am so relieved you are being strong and proactive about masking. Just as you did before.
    The Delta variant is rapidly increasing here in Astoria….county levels are rising daily & are alarming.
    We CANNOT avoid Delta. No one can.
    Thank you so much for caring for us and protecting every person who enters your amazing store.
    Keep on keeping on!

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