Salad Bar & Indoor Dining Open

Salad bar & indoor dining open

Our salad bar and indoor dining area is finally open as of today. We had to shut it down during the pandemic, but now that our staff and customers have had a chance to get vaccinated and state restrictions lifted, we’re back in business!

Salad and hot soups will be available daily for lunch and dinner. The hot foods bar (on the other side of the salad bar) will be open for lunch weekdays. We hope to expand hours as staffing allows.

As you might expect, we’ve got many safety protocols in place including air scrubbers, handwashing stations,and regular cleaning of surfaces and utensils.

You’ll be able to enjoy your meals from our indoor and outdoor seating areas or take your food to go. Please note, we are not currently offering reusable dishware, but hope to bring it back in the near future.

We appreciate your support as we continue to adapt and look forward to serving you!

Hours of operation:

  • Salad bar & hot soups, daily 8am–7pm
  • Hot foods bar, Mon–Fri, 11am–3pm
  • Burrito bar, daily 11am–6pm
  • Indoor & outdoor seating open during store hours 8am–8pm
  • Grab n’ go foods (salads, sandwiches, desserts and more) always available