Staff Highlight: Shannon O’Donnell

Shannon O’Donnell, the lead baker at Astoria Co+op, said she’s always loved to bake.  “In high school all my friends would come over and I’d make them biscuits and honey for an after-school snack,” O’Donnell said.  Her passion for baking was perhaps inherited from both her grandmothers, one of whom,

Soil amendment sale!

Get 20% off organic potting soil, manure, bark and peat moss while supplies last. Why should you work on your soil now that we’re going into the fall season? Our floral expert Julie Skopal has your answer. “Top dressing your garden now will help the plants during the winter and get them off to a gre

Order a Cake from the Co+op Bakery

The co-op bakery does special orders for 6″ and 9″ cakes, including this gluten free vanilla cake with Italian strawberry buttercream. Vegan cakes and a variety of flavors are also available. Call or order online at least 48 hours in advance so it will be ready for your celebration! Clic

Owner appreciation

Co-op owners, shop between Sept. 12-25 to save: 10% off purchase under $100 15% off purchase of $100 or more 20% off purchase of $150 or more Equity must be up-to-date to receive discount. Applies to items in stock and does not stack with case discounts. Thanks so much for your support! Not a co-op

Dry-aged steak is back in stock

Come get some dry-aged ribeye steaks from the co-op!   This steak was dry-aged at the co-op in a 30-day process that makes for extra flavorful, tender, premium steak!   Dan Levens, who works in the co-op’s meat department, said the co-op’s dry ager allows him to control time, temperature

Invest: Together We Grow

  In 2017 the co-op launched a capital campaign called Together We Grow. We raised over $2 million through the sale of preferred shares to help fund the completion of our new store. There are still some shares available to any member in good standing that are Oregon residents. We have two proje

Staff Highlight: Julie Skopal

An avid gardener, bird watcher and cyclist, Julie Skopal is passionate about plants. She’s been working in the produce department at Astoria Co+op for more than three years. “I’m proud to work at the co-op,” Julie said. “I love all of my coworkers; my customers keep my day lively.” She’s been garden