Soil amendment sale!

Get 20% off organic potting soil, manure, bark and peat moss while supplies last.

Why should you work on your soil now that we’re going into the fall season? Our floral expert Julie Skopal has your answer.

“Top dressing your garden now will help the plants during the winter and get them off to a great start in the spring. I would recommend steer and chicken manure. I personally use steer manure, which is lower in nitrogen, because you don’t want a big grow right now as we’re going into winter.

Julie Skopal explains why it’s important to work on your soil at this time of year.

Bark is also on sale. Putting bark around plants now will help keep the rain from pounding the soil down. It will be muddy out here, so bark makes a great pathway. Bark will suppress the weeds in the spring.
You can get the sphagnum peat moss for acid-loving plants like your camellias, rhododendrons, azaleas and of course your blueberries.
Everything is 20% off while supplies last so get it now! The amendments work well for the perennials we have here too.”

Bark, peat moss, manure and potting soil are on sale for 20% off while supplies last.