Invest: Together We Grow


In 2017 the co-op launched a capital campaign called Together We Grow. We raised over $2 million through the sale of preferred shares to help fund the completion of our new store. There are still some shares available to any member in good standing that are Oregon residents. We have two projects that are in the works that will require additional capital. First, we aim to install Electric Vehicle chargers in the co-op parking lot. Second, we will purchase a generator for winter storm resilience – we’ll be able to stay open during power outages! Additionally, if we can sell all of the remaining shares it builds co-op equity and strengthens our business balance sheet. It allows us to continue to invest in our business and increase our positive impact in the region.

The minimum investment is $2,500 and earns a 3% dividend. Investments $10,000 and up earn 4%. We will be paying out our first dividends this October. We think this is a neat opportunity to invest in a local community-owned business – one that you frequent regularly for all your healthy food needs. Please email our General Manager, Matt Stanley, at for a prospectus and more information.

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