Dry-aged steak is back in stock

Come get some dry-aged ribeye steaks from the co-op!  

This steak was dry-aged at the co-op in a 30-day process that makes for extra flavorful, tender, premium steak!  

Dan Levens, who works in the co-op’s meat department, said the co-op’s dry ager allows him to control time, temperature and humidity.

“What happens is that the meat will start to dry from the outside, so you get what they call a bark, and it keeps it really moist on the inside,” Levens said. “The whole point of dry aging is that it breaks down a lot of the things that keep the meat together, so it makes it more tender. It concentrates the actual flavor and the fat seals it in.”

Once he brings it out of the dry ager, he peels the layer of bark off, leaving moist, tender meat that he cuts into ribeye steaks.

The dry-aged ribeye steaks are on sale now through the end of September.

After taking the meat out of the dry ager, Dan Levens slices off the dried outside to reveal the moist, tender, flavorful meat.