Support Double Up

Your support could help Double Up Food Bucks in Oregon continue and expand. The program aims to put more healthy fresh fruit and vegetables on the plates of low income Oregonians while supporting local growers and businesses. Oregon State Senate Committee hearings are scheduled for two Double Up Foo

Owner Appreciation

Co-op owners, it is your time to shine! One great perk of ownership is saving money. So, make your list and choose a shopping trip to stock up and save up to 20% February 1–28, 2021. Here’s how the discount works: · Spend under $100, get 10% off · Spend $100–$149.99, get 15% off · Spend $150 o

Record Giving

Rounding up a few cents at check out can really add up to a significant sum for local non-profits. Your co-op donated more than $40-thousand dollars to local non-profits through our Change for Community program in 2020. Average monthly fundraising from asking customers to round up purchases to the n

Pop-Up Donut Shop

UPDATE: Donuts are sold out! Did you know it’s already been a year since the grand opening of our beautiful new store?! To celebrate, we’ve got a special offering of a wildly popular item, co-op donuts. If donuts are your jam, hop online and pre-order your box of donuts for pickup this S

Self Care Sale

Salons and spas aren’t operating at full capacity in many areas, yet we still need grooming. So, your co-op is having a self care sale January 10–16. Save 20% on all body care: soaps, shampoos, natural hair coloring, lotions, bath salts, cosmetics, essential oils, toothpaste, deodorant, hand s

Aromatherapy, A Potent Lifestyle Complement

Save 20% on essential oils, soaps, lotions, cosmetics and more during our Self Care Sale January 10–16. Click here for details. By Sarah Jaroszewski/Body Care Manager A fascination with plants, especially flowers, began my journey into the diverse world of natural body care. The inhalation of aromat