Aromatherapy, A Potent Lifestyle Complement

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By Sarah Jaroszewski/Body Care Manager

A fascination with plants, especially flowers, began my journey into the diverse world of natural body care.

The inhalation of aromatic plant extracts activates olfactory nerves that send signals to the amygdala, the emotional center of the brain. When used carefully, essential oils can offer uplifting and nurturing therapeutic benefits. Aromatherapy methods include inhalation and topical applications.

Some of my favorite essential oils are lavender (angustifolia species), bergamot, may chang, clary sage, sandalwood, and frankincense. Essential oils or volatile oils from plants, barks and resins can be used in simple ways on-the-go and have numerous applications in the home.

Ways to use essential oils:

  • Inhalation – Simple inhalation from the bottle, nasal inhaler or a few drops on a cotton ball can be used. Using hot water for steam inhalation can help to soothe respiratory system discomfort.
  • Diffusion – Tiny oil molecules in water are dispersed into the air, many diffusers offer a multi-sensory experience combining light and color which enhance the experience.
  • Misting/Sprays – Creating personalized sprays for body, room or cleaning by combining essential oils with a carrier i.e., rose water, witch hazel, water or vinegar.
  • Massage/Skin Care – Select a carrier oil based on application/needs and add diluted essential oils. Essential oils can be added to lotions and soaps as well.

At the co-op, we offer several lines of essential oils as well as information from our suppliers. You can also check out these educational materials by following the links below.



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It is important to check contraindications and precautions before using essential oils. Essential oils should always be used with caution, particularly during pregnancy and/or with children and pets. Check with your medical provider for questions regarding interactions or medical conditions.