Nourishing Broths

With more cold, rainy gray days, our kitchen manager Andy Catalano followed his cravings. He thought nourishing broths would be a welcome addition to our offering. Chef Andy says you can heat the broth and eat, versus stock, a “utility player” in the kitchen but not something you’d neces

Closing Early

We will be closing the store early on Sunday, October 18 at 5:45pm for a filming. In order to be eligible for this opportunity, we are not at liberty to disclose any further details at this time. We anticipate you’ll be able to see how your co-op was featured this spring and hope you’ll be thrilled!

Annual Meeting

Update: our first ever virtual annual meeting is in the books. If you are a co-op owner who missed the meeting and would like to view a recording, please email for instructions.  This year’s annual meeting will be like no other! You can attend in your slippers if you want, b

Solar Project

By Matt Stanley/Astoria Co+op General Manager We’re getting solar! The project got delayed due to costs and the pandemic but it’s back on track, with the install of solar posts on the roof. The panels might not go up until spring, but this is an important step toward better environmental

Fall 2020 Update

We continue to maintain our safety protocols here at the co-op. As we head into winter these safety measures will be even more important. Mask-wearing is top priority, and we consistently remind shoppers who are wearing their masks below their noses to ensure they cover both their nose and mouth. If

Garden Refresh

You may have noticed mountains of soil in our parking lot and extra hands hard at work around our landscaping. Gardener Becky Graham has defended our beautiful plants from being overtaken by hoards of invasive Horsetail that sprouted up from construction soil. She’s amending the soil naturally