Fall 2020 Update

We continue to maintain our safety protocols here at the co-op. As we head into winter these safety measures will be even more important. Mask-wearing is top priority, and we consistently remind shoppers who are wearing their masks below their noses to ensure they cover both their nose and mouth. If your mask falls off inadvertently, expect to get a pleasant reminder from a staff member to correct it. We’ve also restricted the use of face shields and masks with respirators, as the CDC does not find that they protect others from potential spread.

We do face some upset shoppers associated with mask compliance, and we are actively training our staff to approach these situations with compassion first and firmness when needed. De-escalation training is now a part of working at the co-op. For those who don’t have a proper mask or who forget to bring one, we’ve got free masks available at the entrance. For folks who are not able or are unwilling to wear a mask, we offer a reasonable accommodation with free curbside pickup.

You may also notice that we do not have a greeter stationed outside. The poor air quality associated with the wildfires forced us to bring those staff inside for safety reasons. It also gave us a sense of how we can operate without that role as we head into the rainy winter. We now offer alcohol wipes for shoppers to sanitize their cart before shopping. We continue to sanitize carts as well, but the wipes ensure that you have a clean cart. Please return your used carts to the cart corrals in the parking lot.

Our shoppers have been overwhelmingly positive and happy to comply with our safety measures, and the staff truly appreciates the cooperation! Together we can #stopthespread and keep our community as safe as possible. You can reach out to me with questions or feedback at matt@astoria.coop.