Nourishing Broths

With more cold, rainy gray days, our kitchen manager Andy Catalano followed his cravings. He thought nourishing broths would be a welcome addition to our offering. Chef Andy says you can heat the broth and eat, versus stock, a “utility player” in the kitchen but not something you’d necessarily want to drink straight. The broth is also versatile to cook with.

Our cooks make these broths with various aromatics, simmer for a couple hours, then strain and chill. Some recent flavors: charred onion and fresh thyme; lemongrass and ginger; and kozhi rasam with Indian spices and ghee. We plan on rotating the flavor profiles, maintaining the concept of a clear broth, infused then strained, to be consumed as-is or used in cooking.

“I bought the Indian spiced one last week and used it one night for homemade hamburger helper (which was crazy delicious) and another night for a Moroccan chicken and apricot tagine. It was delicious and nourishing straight up,” Chef Andy said.

Thai Chicken Broth: chicken stock (chicken, aromatic veggies* & herbs*), lemongrass*, hot sauce (fermented cayenne peppers, fish sauce, salt, sugar*), onion (*organic)

Our kitchen crew’s plan is to always have one type of broth available on the far left upper side of the soup shelf in the grab n’ go.