Holiday Turkey & Pies

Holiday turkeys and pies are now available at the store. This year we’ve got Diestel turkeys. They are raised under strict standards including a healthy environment, fresh mountain water, and clean air from the Sierra Nevada Foothills. Vegetarian feed never contains fillers and birds are never given growth stimulants or antibiotics. In addition to an organic option, we also have a limited number of local turkeys from Blackberry Bog Farm. The turkeys are first come, first served. They are frozen, so please allow adequate time for defrosting. Click here to learn more: from thawing times to roasting temperatures.

We’re thrilled this year to offer you holiday pies with clean ingredients and a great price, made by an Oregon company. Willamette Valley Pie Company’s mission is to deliver you the best from their land to your hands. Pie varieties we’ll carry (while supplies last) include: apple, cherry, pecan, pumpkin, and vegan pumpkin. Pies are made with non-GMO ingredients with no added preservatives or starches.