Fall Update

As we write this, it’s a big day at the construction site! Refrigeration units arrived today and workers are installing them. Soon, they’ll hold the things you love like fresh produce, deli food, cheese and craft beer.

You’ve probably noticed that the exterior of our new co-op is receiving finishing touches. On the inside, a lot is happening! The basic interior infrastructure is in – wall framing, plumbing and electrical, and painting are complete. All of our refrigeration displays showed up and lighting is going in too. The building should get energized by Pacific Power this week!

The last week of October all of our equipment and furniture arrives. It will be a very busy couple weeks installing all of our kitchen equipment, office furniture, and store shelving. The entire Bogh Electric company staff will be working on our project to bring us to the finish line on time. Terry’s Plumbing and P&L Johnson have done an outstanding job keeping us on schedule too.

By mid-November we’ll be initiating our merchandising and stocking non-perishable products. At the same time, more finishing touches will be happening as we lead up to our December soft-opening.

We can’t wait to share our new co-op with you!