Yes Vote for Co-op

The Astoria Planning Commission voted in favor of a rezone request necessary to keep our project on track at a meeting January 24. The city council will have the ultimate say on the rezone. Read more about in the Daily Astorian’s coverage. The planning commission meeting was lengthy. There wer

Expansion Goes to Planning Commission

By Zetty Nemlowill/Co-op Marketing Director Before we can break ground on a new store, we must successfully get through the land use process and could use your help. The Astoria Planning Commission meets on Wednesday January 24 at 6:30 p.m. at Astoria City Hall to consider a zone change that’s

Priced to Compete

By Zetty Nemlowill/Co-op Marketing Director One reason I love my job is I truly believe in the Co-op; from local ownership to local food. It’s also great to work at a place everyone loves! A complaint I still sometimes hear though, is that we’re too expensive, but we’re making some

New Year Expansion Update

Many co-op supporters have been asking where we are in the expansion project. We are currently working through the approval process. We are seeking a zone change and have to complete Design Review with the City of Astoria and the Mill Pond Home Owners Association. The next big step is approval from