New store here we come. Thank you so much to our owners who invested. Together we surpassed our $1.5 million goal.

Want to invest in our new store? Yes, we reached our goal, but there are still preferred shares available. The more local investments the less we’ll have to rely on bank financing.

Our co-op is relying on owner investments to build a bigger store. We reached our goal, but still have shares available. Investors receive a respectable return and the satisfaction of knowing their money has potential to increase the quality of life for our entire community.

Invest between $2500 and $9900 and receive a 3% dividend. Invest $10,000 or more for a 4% dividend. The expansion will cost more than $3.5 million with at least $1.5 million needed from Co-op owners. We’d love to sell all our shares at $2.5 million so we can keep more money local the rely less on outside lenders.

For more information contact our general manager, Matt Stanley, at (503) 791-5692 or

Investment Brochure
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