What Co-op owners are saying about investment…

“I invested about 10 years ago and I plan to take the opportunity of jumping into this and being an investor. This is an opportunity of hope and prosperity that will make a difference in ways you can taste, touch, and feel.”
— Mary Blake/Co-op Owner

“I am investing. Supporting the co-op any way I can is a beautiful thing. I am a market manager for US Bank. This is a wise investment. Investing in this store is investing in the future of our community.”
— Todd Holm/Co-op Owner & Board Member

“I like the idea that members can have the opportunity to have an investment in something we believe in. Both as a shopper and supplier, I believe in the co-op and now there’s an opportunity to invest and help with expansion.”
— Roberta Muehlberg/Co-op Owner & Berry Farmer

“It’s a unique chance to support something that truly fosters our local community, economy and food choices.”
— Tracy Erfling/Co-op Owner

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