Look inside

There’s lots of work happening from the ground up at our new store site. The finishing touches are going on the roof, including the infrastructure needed for solar panel installation later. Inside, the clock ticks to complete the portions of plumbing and electric work that needs to happen before the big concrete floor pour next Friday. Take a look:

2 thoughts on “Look inside”

  1. Hi Zetty,
    It looks about the size and shape of the Arcata, CA, coop, which I love and managed to have everything including deli & meat market, too. Lots of parking! Great location! I’m so excited. Thanks for all you do, Pam

    • Pam, thanks so much for you kind words, patronage, showing up to meetings, staying informed, and support with the newsletter and capital campaign! I hope you feel proud of your role in getting this new store off the ground. Take care, Zetty


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