Masks Required

Update: The co-op does not intend to verify vaccination status at this time and will continue requiring masks for everyone over two years of age. We appreciate your continued cooperation wearing a face covering over your nose and mouth and keeping six-feet of distance between shoppers and staff.

The Oregon Health Authority said businesses that remove mask and physical distancing requirements must seek proof of Covid-19 vaccination. Our staff does not have capacity to monitor the inoculation status of all our shoppers. Under OHA rules, that means we need to continue masking up.

Since the CDC and State of Oregon recently eased mask guidelines, we’ve heard mostly positive feedback about keeping the co-op’s mask policy in place. The co-op has maintained a safe shopping and work environment throughout the pandemic and plans to gradually unwind pandemic protocols.

Please direct any feedback on this issue to General Manager Matt Stanley at Thanks for your cooperation!

2 thoughts on “Masks Required”

  1. Thank you for Continuing to give me a space where I am completely confident to do my shopping!
    You have consistently gone ‘above and beyond’, and I totally appreciate all you do – and all you stand for!

  2. I am so happy to hear that the Co-op is still requiring masks and social distancing. Our risk level is still high in Clatsop County and we are getting many more visitors to our area. Thank you for protecting your shoppers and your wonderful staff. I do all my shopping at the Co-op and I appreciate your dedication and clarity during these uncertain times. I am fully vaccinated but will happily wear my mask and continue to adhere to social distancing.

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