Thanksgiving Menu

Our wonderful cooks have prepared a one-of-a-kind, culturally-inspired holiday offering. Heat n’ eat and ready-to-eat entrees and sides are packaged a la carte in various sizes at the salad bar Monday–Wednesday, November 23–25 (available while supplies last).

Entrees & Sides

Korean Braised Chicken Chicken Legs Marinated in bulgogi sauce, slow-cooked in dashi; a fall-off-the-bone delicious broth situation.

Thai Green Beans Seasoned with lemongrass, lime leaf, and chiles.

House-fermented Cranberry Sauce With organic cranberries from Bandon, Oregon.

Roasted Root Vegetables Agrodolce Organic carrots, parsnips, celeriac, butternut squash and onions with an Italian sweet & sour sauce.

Pumpkin Brioche Dinner Rolls Made with organic pumpkin. Buttery and soft crumb with light shiny crust.

Cheese Straws Twisted and seasoned with fresh thyme & sharp cheddar.


We are taking pre-orders for house-made pies with whole grain einkorn crust. Stop by our kitchen’s service counter on your next shopping trip to order for pickup on November 25.

Maple Walnut Brown Butter Tart Like classic pecan pie, but better!

Pumpkin Pie Organic pumpkin, sweetened with honey.

For more options throughout the store, read our blog post: Thanksgiving 2020.

Thanksgiving 2020

Despite 2020’s challenges, it’s the first Thanksgiving in our new store and we’re working hard to serve you a bigger, better, one-of-a-kind offering: from quality traditional fixings to mouth-watering cultural twists.

Let’s talk turkey.

Mary’s Organic and Mary’s non-GMO turkeys are now available at the co-op. The turkeys are merchandised in the fresh meat cooler and available first come, first served. So, shop early if you want to have the best selection of sizes!

Don’t need an entire bird? We realize gatherings will be null or smaller this year, so if you don’t want to tackle an entire turkey, we will have bone-in breasts available. Our skilled meat department staff will be cutting whole turkeys and offering individual legs, wings, etc. closer the holiday, depending on supply.

To accompany your turkey, keep an eye out for new stuffing mixes and brine kits from Bill Baron’s Specialty Foods. The brine kits include flavorful blends such as apple-sage, zip-top bags, herb rubs and illustrated instructions. Brining is a great way to get juicy, tender turkey every time!

Other holiday meat options include Beeler’s Bone-in hams and spiral cut boneless hams. If you’d prefer a meatless feast, we’ve got you covered with a variety of plant-based holiday roasts from Tofurky, Quorn and Field Roast.

What if you skipped cooking?!

Imagine a Thanksgiving with no pots and pans to wash! If you were to skip cooking altogether, our cooks have come up with a feast that all you need to do is heat. Our prepared food offering will be a take on traditional Thanksgiving ingredients with a culturally-diverse palate. The following items will be pre-packaged in various sizes a la carte in the salad bar wells on Monday–Wednesday of Thanksgiving week, November 23–25:

  • Korean Braised Chicken Chicken legs marinated in bulgogi sauce, slow-cooked in dashi; a fall-off-the-bone delicious broth situation.
  • Thai Green Beans Seasoned with lemongrass, lime leaf, and chiles.
  • House-fermented Cranberry Sauce Made with organic cranberries from Bandon, OR.
  • Roasted Root Vegetables Agrodolce Organic carrots, parsnips, celeriac, butternut squash and onions with an Italian sweet & sour sauce.

Displayed alongside these items will be house-made Pumpkin Brioche Dinner Rolls and Cheese Straws. Is your mouth watering yet?

Do NOT skip dessert!

We are now taking pre-orders for house-made pies with whole grain einkorn crust. Stop by our kitchen’s service counter on your next shopping trip to order the following:

  • Maple Walnut Brown Butter Tart Like classic pecan pie, but better!
  • Pumpkin Pie Made with organic pumpkin, sweetened with a small amount of honey.

Perfect Beer & Wine Pairings

Beaujolais Nouveau is arguably the BEST wine for Thanksgiving dinner! We’ll be stocked up on these fruity, not-too-tannic French wine that is easy-drinking and will not intrude on any of the food flavors you might have on the table. Another option, have you tried orange wine? White wine grapes ferment with grape skins on, giving the wine a golden-straw-like to amber color. The skin-contact gives white wines bigger, bolder red wine characteristics; the perfect amount of acid and tannin for a heavy meal.

As for beer, you can’t go wrong with crisp pilsners and pale ales to complement your meal, while our seasonal porters and stouts make for a rich after-dinner treat and pair perfectly with our Maple Walnut Brown Butter Tart!

See you soon!

This is just a snapshot of the co-op’s holiday offerings. We’ll of course be fully loaded with organic and local cranberries, potatoes, brussels sprouts and more fresh produce. Make sure to peruse our specialty cheese cooler for old favorites and new delights. We hope you’ll find everything on your list and then some!

Remember: everyone is welcome to shop every day at the co-op and if you’re a co-op owner, you can save 10% on a shopping trip when you stock up this month. We thank you for your wonderful support as we wouldn’t be here in this awesome new store thriving in the midst of a pandemic without YOU!

Please note: we will be closed on Thanksgiving so our awesome staff who make all these Thanksgiving offerings happen can relax and enjoy time with loved ones. We hope you have a safe and delicious holiday!

Bags are back!

Did you know it’s OK to shop with reusable bags? Earlier in the pandemic, we banned them, but having learned the risk of exposure is low, we feel OK about bringing ’em back.

Demand for single-use bags has skyrocketed and mills country-wide are having trouble keeping up. Paper bag supply is limited and prices have gone up considerably. Bringing a reusable bag when you shop at the co-op helps a bunch.

The CDC says you should clean your reusable bags before each use. We’re leaving it up to our cashier’s discretion whether or not to handle your reusable bags, so you may need to do your own bagging. We are glad to be able to accommodate this planet-friendly option.

Nourishing Broths

With more cold, rainy gray days, our kitchen manager Andy Catalano followed his cravings. He thought nourishing broths would be a welcome addition to our offering. Chef Andy says you can heat the broth and eat, versus stock, a “utility player” in the kitchen but not something you’d necessarily want to drink straight. The broth is also versatile to cook with.

Our cooks make these broths with various aromatics, simmer for a couple hours, then strain and chill. Some recent flavors: charred onion and fresh thyme; lemongrass and ginger; and kozhi rasam with Indian spices and ghee. We plan on rotating the flavor profiles, maintaining the concept of a clear broth, infused then strained, to be consumed as-is or used in cooking.

“I bought the Indian spiced one last week and used it one night for homemade hamburger helper (which was crazy delicious) and another night for a Moroccan chicken and apricot tagine. It was delicious and nourishing straight up,” Chef Andy said.

Thai Chicken Broth: chicken stock (chicken, aromatic veggies* & herbs*), lemongrass*, hot sauce (fermented cayenne peppers, fish sauce, salt, sugar*), onion (*organic)

Our kitchen crew’s plan is to always have one type of broth available on the far left upper side of the soup shelf in the grab n’ go.

Closing Early

We will be closing the store early on Sunday, October 18 at 5:45pm for a filming. In order to be eligible for this opportunity, we are not at liberty to disclose any further details at this time. We anticipate you’ll be able to see how your co-op was featured this spring and hope you’ll be thrilled!

Please get your shopping done before we close Sunday evening. If this inconveniences you in any way, please accept our sincere apologies and know we don’t take closing the store lightly. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact General Manager Matt Stanley at

Annual Meeting

Update: our first ever virtual annual meeting is in the books. If you are a co-op owner who missed the meeting and would like to view a recording, please email for instructions. 

This year’s annual meeting will be like no other! You can attend in your slippers if you want, because for the first time, our meeting will be held online. This will ensure safe physical distancing in the midst of a pandemic while allowing our cooperative model to flourish.

The meeting will be on Sunday, October 25 at 4–5:30pm via Zoom. Anyone who is a co-op owner can attend. Click on this link to register. For security reasons, please register no later than October 23. You will receive details on joining the meeting once we approve your registration.

The meeting will include reports on governance, operations and finance, the launch of new online board elections, opportunity for Q & A and more. If you would like to submit a question prior to the meeting, you can email our general manager at

We look forward to connecting and hope you can attend this historic co-op event! If you cannot attend, the meeting will be recorded for later viewing.

Solar Project

By Matt Stanley/Astoria Co+op General Manager

We’re getting solar! The project got delayed due to costs and the pandemic but it’s back on track, with the install of solar posts on the roof. The panels might not go up until spring, but this is an important step toward better environmental and financial sustainability!

This week, a crew has been installing the solar posts that will connect the panel mounting hardware to the structural elements of the building so the panels can withstand high winds.

We were on a path to opening the new store with functional solar, but construction expenses with the general build-out forced us hold off on installing panels. Fortunately though, during construction, we were able to prep the building to be solar-ready, structurally and electrically. Responding to the pandemic didn’t make things easier, and the project had to be moved to the back burner until now.

Timing is critical, as we have two outstanding grants, one from USDA and one from Pacific Power’s Blue Sky program that we do not want to lose. A collaboration with the solar company Elemental Energy is allowing us to complete the project financially; a great long-term investment for the co-op.

The system will be approximately 60 kW, resulting in an approximate savings of $500 monthly in the co-op’s electrical bills. This represents about a third of our total energy usage. As energy costs increase, the savings over the life of the project will be significant. One estimate shows the co-op will save nearly $1 million in electrical expenses over 25 years! I will be able to share more specifics as the project progresses.

The co-op’s rooftop solar project reflects our cooperative model’s emphasis on environmental stewardship and we will be proud to show that a coastal business can successfully take advantage of solar energy. Stay tuned for more information and some neat drone photography of our panel installation!

Fall 2020 Update

We continue to maintain our safety protocols here at the co-op. As we head into winter these safety measures will be even more important. Mask-wearing is top priority, and we consistently remind shoppers who are wearing their masks below their noses to ensure they cover both their nose and mouth. If your mask falls off inadvertently, expect to get a pleasant reminder from a staff member to correct it. We’ve also restricted the use of face shields and masks with respirators, as the CDC does not find that they protect others from potential spread.

We do face some upset shoppers associated with mask compliance, and we are actively training our staff to approach these situations with compassion first and firmness when needed. De-escalation training is now a part of working at the co-op. For those who don’t have a proper mask or who forget to bring one, we’ve got free masks available at the entrance. For folks who are not able or are unwilling to wear a mask, we offer a reasonable accommodation with free curbside pickup.

You may also notice that we do not have a greeter stationed outside. The poor air quality associated with the wildfires forced us to bring those staff inside for safety reasons. It also gave us a sense of how we can operate without that role as we head into the rainy winter. We now offer alcohol wipes for shoppers to sanitize their cart before shopping. We continue to sanitize carts as well, but the wipes ensure that you have a clean cart. Please return your used carts to the cart corrals in the parking lot.

Our shoppers have been overwhelmingly positive and happy to comply with our safety measures, and the staff truly appreciates the cooperation! Together we can #stopthespread and keep our community as safe as possible. You can reach out to me with questions or feedback at

Garden Refresh

You may have noticed mountains of soil in our parking lot and extra hands hard at work around our landscaping. Gardener Becky Graham has defended our beautiful plants from being overtaken by hoards of invasive Horsetail that sprouted up from construction soil. She’s amending the soil naturally; a big step toward making an even bigger vision of hers a reality.

“I love creating sanctuary in the landscape: a relaxing, beautiful, inviting outdoor living space for all…humans, and wildlife. It all starts with healthy soil, and a healthy soil food web. Next, plants that thrive in our environment without the use of toxic pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. I use a mixture of plants for pollinators, edibles, natives, and ornamentals with four seasons of interest,” Becky said.

Customers, neighbors and others strolling by often stop to admire the gardens and Becky loves all the positive feedback.

“I have enjoyed hearing from our customers over the years that tell me they appreciate what I do. It fuels my passion, and makes my job not seem like a job at all. It is a pleasure, and an honor to have the opportunity to share my love of plants, and nature in such a beautiful space in our community,” she said.

The co-op prioritizes creating a welcoming environment and showcasing nature is one way to do that.

“The landscaping at the co-op is the customer’s first impression of the shopping experience. Becky does an amazing job ensuring that the garden around the building reflects the high quality, healthy, and vibrant environment inside the store,” Co-op General Manager Matt Stanley said.

Becky started gardening for the co-op at our former location in the spring of 2014 when all we had was our small “parking lot garden”. Now landscaping surrounds every side of our new building and medians throughout the parking lot. You can also see her work inside the store next to the deli seating area and mural.

Here is a gallery of photos Becky took outside our store.

Double Up Food Bucks Survey

If you have participated in the Double Up Food Bucks program this year, your feedback is needed!

Our co-op was thrilled to start offering Double Up Food Bucks earlier this year. After success at farmer’s markets, the program extended to a small number of grocery stores in Oregon for the first time. Double Up puts more healthy fresh produce on the plates of low income families while supporting local growers. Double Up matches the value of SNAP spent on fresh fruits and vegetables providing shoppers with credit for future produce purchases, up to $10 per shopping trip. (SNAP stands for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps.)

If you have been a recipient of Double Up this year, our partners at Oregon Food Bank want to hear from you. Please take a few minutes to complete a short survey about your experience using Double Up.

Click here for a survey in English

Click here for a survey in Spanish

If you prefer, you can text “DUFBGROCERY” to 833-535-1376 to take the survey on your smart phone or other device. Your survey responses will help improve the program, and help inform program funders on why they should continue to support Double Up. The survey should take about five minutes to complete, and it will be available through October. All responses will be confidential and you do not need to provide your name or contact information unless you would like to have us contact you about your experiences using this program.

More information about Double Up Food Bucks