May Owner Appreciation

For safety, we don’t want to concentrate a large amount of shoppers in the store during a one week period as we normally do for owner appreciation week, so co-op owners will have all month to choose a discount shop. Here’s how it works: get 10% off a purchase under $100, 15% off a purchase of

Double Up Food Bucks Launch

Our co-op will be the first grocery store in Oregon to launch the healthy food incentive program Double Up Food Bucks starting this May. After success at farmer’s markets, the program is extending to a small number of grocery stores. “Double Up Food Bucks puts more healthy food on the plates of low-

Clean Air

We’re keeping everything in the store extra clean right now including the air you breath. We’ve installed air scrubbers on all of our HVAC systems, both for the retail sales floor and the back of house staff areas. These air scrubbers use photocatalytic oxidation and UV lights to safely saniti

Open Later

We’re staying open an hour later starting today. Our new hours are 9am–8pm. This will still allow us dedicated stocking time in the a.m. while giving you extra time to stock up on essentials. We are calling these hours “temporary” because it’s totally possible that we will expand h

Masks & Hand Washing

By Matt Stanley/General Manager Another week in our new landscape has passed, and we continue to be inspired by the positivity and incredible adaptability shown by customers and staff alike. These adaptations continue this week: We continue to follow the World Health Organization and Center for Dise