Free Tour, Talk & Taste Classes

Free Food Education for the Community  These monthly 30 minute class and store tours lead you through our store aisles to learn about the many options in organic, farm direct, bulk foods, sustainably-raised products, and more.  The classes are led by store managers, staff, board members, and other c

The Regal Thistle

Heirloom Artichokes By Co-op Owner Pamela Mattson McDonald Pamela (right) is a lifelong gardener and former professional chef. At twilight, the silver, ethereal glow from an artichoke plant draws the eye to its fountain of regal

Cousin Jack’s Pasty Co. Tasting at the Co-op

Here’s a small Oregon company we work with, made up of genuinely nice people and equally genuine products. We love to be able to connect you with our food manufacturers and growers and this will happen with Cousin Jack’s Pasty Company (Tasting on Thursday June 12th approx. 11 a.m. -5:30