Cousin Jack’s Pasty Co. Tasting at the Co-op

Here’s a small Oregon company we work with, made up of genuinely nice people and equally genuine products. We love to be able to connect you with our food manufacturers and growers and this will happen with Cousin Jack’s Pasty Company (Tasting on Thursday June 12th approx. 11 a.m. -5:30 p.m.).

David Clark is the owner of Cousin Jack's Pasty Company.  He's not only passionate about making good food, but he's also revolutionizing the food system!
David Clark is the owner of Cousin Jack’s Pasty Company.

The company is located in Eugene and makes these food pockets that come frozen. You just heat them up in your oven and voila, a great dinner you can feel good about. Cousin Jack’s sources organically and locally, using real food ingredients, the kind you’d find in your own kitchen. In fact, the company uses the same beef farmer we source from at the Co-op, Knee Deep Cattle Company.

Pasties are flaky crusts surrounding veggies or meat and cheese. Learn more about Cousin Jack’s Pasty Company by clicking here.  They will be on sale during the tasting so it will be a great time to stock up.