Halloween Coloring Contest

halloween coloring contest

It is kind of funny when we told some of our crew members about the contest, they wanted to know if there was an age limit, and if they could register.  Perhaps we will have to create a special category for Co-op staff and/or adults who think they are kids!

Anyway, this is mostly for kids.  Ask a cashier for a coloring page. Get it back to us by October 27th.  Judging will happen on the 29th.  There will be some fun prizes in a few categories.  But everyone (kids under 12 anyway) who enters will get something.  That includes a Co+op Explorers membership card, which is our free fruit program, and entitles kids to choose a free apple, banana, or carrot from a special basket during each shopping trip.  Plus, we’ve got Co+op Explorers tattoos and stickers.  Fun!