Fresh Meat & Seafood at the Co-op

For the first time in the Co-op’s 40 year history, we started carrying fresh meat and fish this year!  Oregon grass-fed beef, organic chicken and wild local seasonal fish are among the many new products we have for you.  The Co-op has carried frozen meat and fish for several years, but increased shopper demand for fresh has led to this expansion.

Here is some information about our purveyors:

Organic Smart Chicken

Smart Chicken produces the finest humanely raised certified organic chicken on the market. The Co-op worked hard with our local meat distributor to be able to bring you the very best fresh chicken option in North America. Smart Chicken offers the healthiest, best tasting, and most sustainable chicken on the market. We strongly encourage you to read more about their practices, from water conservation and protection, care and husbandry, and technological innovation in processing.  Click here to learn more.

Grass-Fed Beef from Knee Deep Cattle Company

Born and raised on Oregon’s green pastures in the Willamette Valley, Knee Deep produced 100% grass-fed beef with no added hormones or antibiotics. All Black Angus cattle are certified humanely raised too. Sold at natural food stores throughout Oregon, we are proud to carry this line of local beef.

Fresh Seafood

For fish, we’re picking up whatever is fresh and local directly at Bornstein’s in Astoria.  Much of the fish that’s caught off our waters get trucked to Portland prior to redistribution to stores and restaurants in our area.  We’re committed to circumventing the larger supply lines to bring you the freshest most sustainable seafood in the world!