Co-op Adds 3rd Checkstand & New POS

Have you seen the new front-end of our store?  We’re pretty excited because on Tuesday November 12th, 2013 our new POS system and check-stands made their debut and staff are getting up to speed on the new equipment.

new check stands

We think these changes are very positive for the Co-op and will make your grocery shopping experience more convenient.  The new checkout stands include a third lane for busy times.

Tim Kennedy of Blind Moses Woodworking in Astoria built them for us.


He’s done some of the other finish work in the produce and deli areas, so we knew he’d do a great job.  He says the new checks-stands have a “nice personality”.  He constructed them with fir and walnut.  And he helped come up with a new configuration for the layout of the checkout lanes that has resulted in less congestion for you at the front-end of the store.

What’s even bigger than the new checkout lanes is the new POS (point of sale) system.  It was needed given our level of growth in recent years, and this new system will be able to grow with us, possibly even into a larger future store.  What improvements can you see?  Quicker checkouts due to better scanners and credit card processors.  And, you now get to swipe your own credit and debit cards.

The new checkout stands are specifically designed to hold the new hardware required with the POS system.  They are also ergonomic for cashiers and customers.  And,  it’s nice to no longer have our cash drawers resting on milk crates!

Please be patient as we train all our staff on the new system.  We have had lots of extra help as this new system goes live.  While there will be a short period of transition with our new POS system and checkout lanes, we fully believe these changes will benefit you long into the future.  We thank our member-owners and shoppers for continued support!