Why GROW Bananas?

Our organic bananas are worth going “bananas” over because they’re not only super high quality but each purchase goes toward helping farm workers. So when you buy bananas from the Co-op and see the “GROW” sticker, here’s what it’s all about:

GROW Overview

  • GROW was founded in 2005 by Organics Unlimited in support of its mission: “our responsibility to care for our workers and the communities where we grow our high-quality, organic fruit”.
  • A percentage from the purchase of each box of GROW organic bananas is earmarked for the GROW fund.
  • Since its founding, GROW has raised over $2 million in aid for communities in Mexico and Ecuador through retailer and distributor support.
  • The mission of GROW is to create a better quality of life for not only the farm workers, but entire communities.
  • GROW funds provide educational, dental and vision support, clean drinking water, milk for growing children and other necessities to those who need it the most.
  • GROW is also dedicated to environmental stewardship and promotes farming using organic, sustainable methods, not only for the health of our environment, but for the health of workers and consumers.