Mask Requirement

The co-op will require shoppers, staff and vendors to wear masks or other face coverings beginning Monday. To continue serving our community, we must stay healthy and public health experts say wearing a covering over your nose and mouth is one way to prevent spreading Covid-19 to others.

There is a renewed sense of anxiety among our staff with a virus outbreak at a local seafood processing plant and the state easing stay at home restrictions. Our decision to require masks did not come lightly as we realize it may not be popular for some, but after seeking staff’s input and hearing from customers, we know there’s strong support.

“Nearly all staff have been voluntarily wearing masks; it’s not fun to wear them eight hours a day, but we’re doing it because we feel it is the right thing to protect co-workers and customers from potential asymptomatic spread,” General Manager Matt Stanley said.

The co-op’s mask requirement begins Monday, May 11 until further notice. The requirement does not apply to children under the age of two or individuals who are unable to wear face coverings due to a medical condition. As a courtesy, we will have paper masks available for free at the entrance and will maintain this supply as much as possible.

Of course, masks and face coverings do not replace social distancing, thorough hand washing, and staying home as much as possible. This crisis is an opportunity to come together cooperatively to protect workers who provide vital groceries and to save lives of vulnerable community members. We truly are in this together and are incredibly thankful for your support.

If you have questions or comments about the mask requirement, please contact our general manager, Matt Stanley We ask that you do not direct any comments toward our staff unless it’s positive feedback.

Click here to see other steps we are taking to stop the spread.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendation regarding the use of cloth face coverings.

6 thoughts on “Mask Requirement”

  1. A big “Thank you” to the entire Co-op staff for supporting the policy of wearing masks, and for caring enough to wear them during your entire working day.
    I hope Customers will also be as considerate of your health and wear masks when shopping!
    The latest BIG outbreak of Covid 19 is a warning to us all to continue to follow the health guidelines that includes wearing masks as well as social distancing and 20 second soap and water hand washing.
    The life you save may be a loved one…

  2. I’m sorry you’ve even had to deal with negative feedback about your mask requirements. I’d like to say that we are pleased and relieved that you are requiring masks and thank you for that and all your efforts to make us feel safe while shopping at the co-op. I feel far safer there than at our local big chain grocers.

  3. I would like to add my thanks to the Co-Op and its great staff and management. Though prices are higher than some other stores, I choose to do my shopping here. Why? Because I feel safe and I feel that someone cares about the people in our community. I am alarmed that we are “opening up” today. Especially after so many positive cases have been revealed in the past two weeks, in our area. At least I know that I can get my groceries in a store that takes responsibility for not spreading COVID. Are you still limiting customers to the store 10 at a time? I hope so. Many, many thanks!

    • We’re still limiting the number of customers in the store. We’re retaining our $2/hour extra “hero” pay and we’ve given all our staff an extra week’s paid time off. Thanks for your support!

  4. Of all the businesses in Astoria or Warrenton, I am most impressed and proud of the Co+op. You went above and beyond to take care of us (me) – and we needed every bit of your reassurance. We still do. You are providing the safest, cleanest, most friendly place for us. I am delighted with your innovative ideas and fast action. So, when anyone mentions an award, I better hear about it because Your Co+op is 1st Place!!
    Thank you for watching over your employees and providing support in every way you can.


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