Come get your turkey today!

We have plenty of different types and sizes for all price ranges, plus turkey breasts, parts and brine kits. We also have vegan options, ducks, goose, fish and more! Your co-op is here for you and whatever menu you have planned this holiday. Thanks for shopping local!

Our fresh options include organic, non-GMO and regeneratively raised turkeys. We also have frozen free-range turkeys for 2.29/lb.

Organic turkey 5.49/lb. – raised in accordance with organic standards – the avoidance of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, GMO seeds, growth hormones, antibiotics and irradiation.

Non-GMO turkey 4.79/lb. – raised without the process of genetic engineering.

Regeneratively raised turkey 8.99/lb. – these turkeys grazed on rotational plots of land. Turkey distributor Diestel says, “Part of a holistic regenerative program, these birds graze on rotational plots of land that are treated with nutrient-dense compost and allowed rest periods of 2-8 months. We measure the regeneration of this soil to ensure the work we are doing is healing the soil, allowing it to trap carbon in the ground while removing it from the atmosphere, as well as hold more water and reduce erosion. Just as important, these birds have a tender, juicy, full-bodied flavor.”