Pollinator-friendly gardening

Our greenskeeper, Becky Graham of Harvest Moon Design, has grown a pollinator-friendly garden at the co-op! Our garden encourages beneficial visitors like bees, butterflies, insects and birds. The variety of plants and plant shapes are intentional, as hummingbirds can access some flowers that insects can’t, and vice versa, and some plants have higher amounts of pollen and nectar.

“Everything is grown organically and naturally because healthy soil makes for healthy plants. I’m trying to create a healthy microbial life. There’s so much going on under our feet,” Graham said.

It is also a nourishing garden. The plants’ nectar and pollen nourishes the pollinators, who in turn keep the garden healthy. Our deli cooks with herbs from this garden so it can feed you too!

Photos by Becky Graham.

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