Instacart Live for the Co-op!

When the pandemic hit last year the co-op quickly began offering curbside pickup as a community service to keep our most vulnerable shoppers safe. We sunsetted the Mercato platform in June of this year as we aimed to reopen the deli seating area that was being used for packaging and staging curbside orders. We also did not see long term financial sustainability of running the program as a community service in-house. Since then, we’ve continued to here requests for an e-commerce option from our community. We also know that the pandemic has changed consumer expectations around grocery shopping – namely, an e-commerce option is now considered standard in the highly competitive grocery industry. In response, we’ve launched Instacart delivery for the Co-op.

To learn more about how Instacart works you can visit the How Instacart Works page or if you are familiar with the fee-for-delivery service you can jump right in and place an order here. Instacart shoppers are independent contractors and we encourage you to tip your shopper generously!