Feb. 22 is Supermarket Employee Day!

It’s Supermarket Employee Day! The day of recognition was created by the Food Industry Association as a time to recognize employees at every level for the work they do feeding families and enriching lives.

Grocery store workers have always been there during times of crisis to ensure the maintenance of the critical pipeline of food and consumer goods that sustain our communities. The last two years have been no exception.

As our General Manager Matt Stanley told co-op staff members: “When I reflect back on the last two years I am amazed at the resilience you all have demonstrated. The co-op has been steadfast in creating a friendly, welcoming, and safe place to work and shop. Thank you for your contribution to the friendly and resilient co-op.”

2 thoughts on “Feb. 22 is Supermarket Employee Day!”

  1. I am also in awe of the wonderful staff of the Co-op! They are consistently kind and friendly. I also praise all the department managers who have kept a wide range of grocery and produce items available despite the shortages due to the pandemic, which has affected the people who produce our food items and the people who drive the delivery trucks. Add to that severe weather in so many parts of the U.S. and it is amazing what a wonderful selection they keep on the Co-op shelves. We may not always be able to buy our “usual” brands, but that also gives us the opportunity to try something new. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR DEDICATED AND CARING SERVICE TO OUR COMMUNITY AND THANK YOU MATT FOR PROVIDING EXCELLENT PROTECTION AND SAFETY FOR YOUR STAFF AND CUSTOMERS. 🥰

  2. I have been supplying the co-op with no sugar jams and syrups for at least 10 years while selling it at the old Astoria Market A customer asked Matt why he wasn’t carrying it and he replied “Because I don’t know about it,” She gave him a taste and he approached me at the Sunday Market and we’ve been providing our natural jams and syrups ever since. Grandma Candy

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