Earth Day Bulk Sale 4/20 through 4/22

In honor of Earth Day, we are having a sale for 20% off all items in the bulk section! Buying in bulk allows you to stock up with as much of your favorite snacks, grains, beans, coffee and more, or perhaps as little of a spice or herb as you want to try in a new recipe.

The bulk section has always been an important part of the co-op, as our founders valued buying products without one-time-use plastic packaging. That’s why you can bring in your own clean container to fill up (ask a cashier to weigh it empty before you fill it) or use one of our compostable bags available in that section and reuse it to line your compost bucket at home. And of course, we have reusable containers available in the store for you to purchase and use in the bulk section.

Happy Earth Day!

2 thoughts on “Earth Day Bulk Sale 4/20 through 4/22”

  1. What is the name of that snack mix that has peanuts and sesame sticks in it. I live out of town and can get a friend to pick some up for me during this sale.

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