Co-op Board Election

On Sunday May 3 2015, all current owners of Astoria Co-op Grocery are invited to our Annual Meeting where there will be a vote for the following people who serve on our Board of Directors: Andrea Larson Perez Current Board Member Running for Re-election Q: Where are you from and how did you find you

Our Parking Lot Gardener at May Lecture

When our General Manager Matt Stanley asked Horticulturist Becky Graham to take over our parking lot garden, Becky says she had a feeling this would be a very special job, due to the special people who shop and are a part of the Co-op. Becky wants to express what a pleasure it is sharing her skills

Defining “Local”

By Zetty Nemlowill Astoria Co-op Grocery Marketing Director If you’ve ever had food directly out of a garden, you know the flavor beats any conventional grocery produce, correct? The food we source from nearby farmers is just as good, if not better than food from your own garden. Big grocery stores