Safety Plan

Astoria Co+op is committed to the safety of shoppers and staff. The co-op has created an Infectious Disease Control Plan which includes preventative measures as well as what to do if an employee were to test positive for Covid-19.

The co-op is taking many public health protection measures including enforcement of mask-wearing and physical distancing, providing hand washing and sanitizing stations, regular sanitation of touch points and installation of HVAC air scrubbers. Follow our Covid-19 updates for the latest.

The co-op provides personal protection equipment and minimizes exposure with tools such as plexiglass barriers and remote meetings. Employees take a pre-shift assessment regarding any Covid-19 symptoms. Anyone with cold, flu or other symptoms are required to stay home until a test confirms they’re Covid-free.

If an employee were to test positive, the goal would be to protect the workplace while continuing to provide our essential service. The co-op would work closely with local health authorities regarding isolation of the employee and any close contacts with staff or customers.

Per Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines, the co-op would inform all employees of a positive case in the facility, while protecting the employee’s identity under the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Oregon Health Authority (OHA) does not require businesses to publicly disclose a positive case. The co-op would do so if there were a clear public health benefit or significant disruption to operations.

The co-op continues to adapt Covid plans and policies based on proactively seeking guidance from Clatsop County Department of Public Health, OHA, OSHA and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

Thanks for your continued efforts in helping to keep the co-op a safe place to shop and work. We appreciate your support! Please direct any questions or feedback to General Manager Matt Stanley at