Will Astoria Co-op owners get to vote on expansion?

No. The Board of Directors creates and uses expansion policies by which the Co-op management adheres to as we navigate the path to an expanded store. The Board will approve major milestones, like signing a lease or a major construction contract if they meet the requirements of Board policies.

As part of our cooperative structure, the Board of Directors is elected by Astoria Co-op owners. They are empowered in their capacity as Board members to represent owner interests and make important decisions on their behalf. Because the Board has spent the last several years learning about Co-op expansions, the natural foods industry, consulting with experts, and soliciting feedback from owners, we are prepared to make the complex decisions involved with an expansion to best serve the diverse needs of Astoria Co-op Grocery owners.

How can Astoria Co-op Grocery owners be involved as the project progresses?  The Co-op will continue to provide updates on our web page, newsletters, emails, social media, and printed information in the store. Updates will occur at our annual meetings and other special meetings of owners as needed.