Melon season

Happy melon season at your co-op! Check out some of the different varieties we carry.

Canary: Fans of organic Canary melons carve the succulent texture of its pale green to cream-colored flesh and sweet flavor. Canary’s skin begins to take on a waxy quality as it ripens, and its aroma is punctuated with hints of pineapple and banana.

Snow Leopard: Sweet and juicy with firm white flesh, organic Snow Leopard leaps effortlessly from the grill to a fruit salad or sliced up for snacking. It shares a similar flavor profile with honeydew, but with crunchier flesh that makes this melon satisfying to munch.

Galia: The pale green flesh of delicious organic Galia melon is described as tasting sweetly aromatic with notes of tropical fruit. Give this variety a good sniff- its sweet scent is a great indicator it’s ripe and ready!

Orange Honeydew: Everything you love about a firm-fleshed honeydew, plus a honey-sweet flavor that eaters of all ages will enjoy. Try organic orange honeydew for a delicious twist on a well-loved favorite!