FLASH SALE: BOGO on potting soil

Flash sale on all potting soils and amendments! While supplies last, buy one get one of equal or lesser value for free. We have natural potting soil, compost, chicken manure and steer-gro from Carpinito Bros. to help your garden grow. Healthy soil makes for healthy plants!

Salmon sale continues!

Since the wild fresh Columbia River king salmon was so popular over the weekend, our meat manager Ryan decided to keep the sale going for $19.99 per pound while supplies last. He just got a new delivery in, so pick some up today and experience a meal that’s about as local and fresh as can be!

Inclusive Trade Highlight: Ruby Jewel Ice Cream

Trained chef Lisa Herlinger created her artisan ice cream sandwiches in Portland in 2004. She first sold them at the Portland Farmers Market and grew the company over the years, receiving attention on The Food Network. Ruby Jewel uses natural Pacific Northwest ingredients. Ruby Jewel ice cream sandw